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Egg White Desugaring

Egg White Desugaring

Setup for desugaring the egg white prior to spray drying, achieved through the delicate process of fermentation.

The Egg White Fermentation process removes the glucose (sugar) contents of the albumen, also known as desugaring. Glucose in combination with heat during spray drying and hot room treatment, initiate a Maillard reaction in the albumen powder, which makes the powder brown, and lower the protein solubility. So by removing the glucose by a fermentation process either by the use of enzymes, yeast or lactic acid bacteria, the albumen is stabilized and results in high-quality egg albumen powder after spray drying.

The liquid egg white is stored in an Ovotank, where the fermentation process is initiated. Adding yeast, enzymes, or certain cultures remove the glucose content. When the glucose is removed, the fermentation process is stopped by cooling down the product and further processing.

Fermentation is a delicate process and requires extensive know-how about the liquid egg product, as well as biological insight to achieve successful results. Contact us to learn more.

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