Ovotank is a liquid storage system that is used for optimal cold storage, standardization, blending, pH-adjustment, or desugaring of any type of product. Designed specifically for egg processing plants of all sizes.

Ovotanks are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.200 litres - 40.000 litres. Bigger sizes are also available and customized on demand. With their efficient refrigeration system in both the cylindric body and in the conical bottom, Ovotanks ensure that your product is kept cold to reduce bacteria growth during simple storage.

The highly hygienic design avoids any contamination of the product stored and ensures efficient cleaning via central CIP (cleaning-in-place). The whole Ovotank system, consist of agitator or mixer, level sensors, load cells, rotary spray ball, iced water control valves, sample point and many other accessories.

The Ovotank storage system can be more than just the storing of liquid egg:

  • Standardization – mixing of different egg products to obtain a certain egg quality and/or dry matter
  • Blending – adding salt, sugar, preservatives, etc.
  • pH-adjustment – adjustment of the pH value
  • Desugaring – removing glucose from the egg white prior to spray drying
  • Enzyme treatment


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