Liquid Processing by Innovative Egg-Ingredient Supplier

As a provider of innovative egg products and solutions, AbE Discovery not only boasts decades of experience in research but also has proven experience in establishing and running successful businesses.

Teaming up to create solutions

As an innovative egg-ingredient supplier, a professional pasteurization plant is essential to produce safe liquid egg products. While planning for their new ingredient plant located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, AbE Discovery identified SANOVO as a supplier that could handle the entire process – from separating eggs to process the yolks, conducting pasteurization, and ultimately transporting them to a drying and encapsulating system. The final product is then used as an ingredient in broiler feed.

Initially, AbE Discovery invested in SANOVO Pasteurizers because of the design, effectiveness, and flexibility it demonstrated in supporting its liquid egg process needs. The installation process was completed while maintaining a strict focus on process detail for the complete system, and the operational staff was successfully trained by SANOVO’s regional and international liquid egg processing specialist

Becoming compliant with USDA

After approximately one year of producing the core product, AbE Discovery undertook a new venture to produce a liquid egg product that could be used for human consumption. This endeavor required the verification of compliance of the SANOVO Pasteurizers with USDA specification for food production.

Working together with AbE Discovery’s process team, SANOVO reviewed the complete internal pasteurizing process to ensure its production methods were USDA-compliant. With slight systems adjustments, the pasteurizers successfully attained USDA approval without issue.

Flexible equipment adjustments during the project

Gil Boldt, Engineering Officer at AbE Discovery, had an issue concerning the synchronization between the breaking section and the pasteurizer. “We bought two new pasteurizers but have very small existing surge capability between the breaker and the pasteurizers. This resulted in the pasteurizers running out of supply, frequently causing us to shut the units down and restart.”

What was the solution to this?

“We could solve the issue by simply stopping the egg supply for the pasteurizer that is coming from the connected balance tanks and switch automatically to water instead. The water would push the remaining liquid egg in the pipes and purge it of the system. Then it would recirculate the pasteurized water through the pasteurizer in a “waiting for production” mode, maintaining all the operational parameters until egg supply was reestablished again, coming from the balance tanks, enabling an easy restart into production mode.”

After the solution had been identified, SANOVO’s engineers and programmers implemented the fix overnight so that production could be resumed during operating hours without downtime. “This change reduced egg loss and downtime immediately. Thank you, SANOVO, for making such a great pasteurizer and outstanding support,” said Gil Boldt. We look forward to building upon our positive relationship with AbE Discovery as we continue collaborating and succeeding together.

AbE Discovery is doing some great work in the area of innovative egg-ingredients.

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