Reliable Egg Grading and Low Maintenance Costs

The Experience of Mr. Helder Costa - Owner of Casa Do Aido.

Peace of mind
The Ardenta 300 egg-grading and packing machine was introduced in April 2014 with a speed, capacity and technology that exceeded similar equipment on the market. The development of this machine is a combination of careful design and over 50 years of experience in the egg industry. All the newest developments and latest production standards are incorporated to make this grader even more reliable with minimum maintenance, high hygiene standards and minimum operational costs.
For the Costa brothers, the choice of investing in the new Ardenta 300 was easy. After 18 years of smooth production and very low maintenance costs, they had great confidence that the new Ardenta 300 would be the best investment.
Besides the need to expand the production, Casa do Aido was also convinced that the new automated detection systems would guarantee a constant high-quality output. Finally, special attention was paid to the cost of ownership, and the conclusion was reached to continue cooperation with the SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.
For Casa do Aido, the Ardenta 300 will significantly reduce the cleaning time. The whole roller entry conveyor or weighing section and crack detection can be foamed with detergent and rinsed off with water.
Besides the new standard for faster and easier cleaning, Casa do Aido saves time by the new statistics functions of the grader, which provides insight into maximising the production efficiency. All functions have been integrated into EGG-IT-Touch operating software that continuously supplies information to maximise the output and is equipped with a full range of diagnostics features, and, very important for the Costa brothers, traceability features, like EGG-IT-Switch and EGG-IT-Trace.
SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is proud that the Ardenta fulfils the expectations for Casa do Aido and will continue to keep the track record of reliability for at least the next 18 years.
About Casa Do Aido:
Casa do Aido started up its poultry activities in 1957 in São Pedro do Sul, Portugal, and is owned by the Costa brothers (Helder, Luis and Casper).
The company is engaged in the production, inspection, classification and sales of eggs, cereals and feed. Casa do Aido achieves high product control through:
- Excellent facilities
- Technologically advanced equipment
- Food safety
- Quality Certification ISO 22000

Eighteen years with no production stops was very convincing and made the decision to purchase new machinery from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY easy.

Helder Costa, owner of Casa do Aido

Casa Do Aido