Coloured Eggs since the 1700s

The foundation of EasterEgg Delivery, Inc. goes back to the late 1700s, being one of the oldest known commercial egg supply corporations active on an international level. Interestingly enough, it is mainly run by a rabbit with an insatiable desire to delight people worldwide with colourful eggs.

The key figure in this corporation is working under the alias Easter Bunny, known and loved especially by children around March/April every year. While his product portfolio expanded over the years to sweets in all kinds of forms and shapes, the Easter Bunny's core business remains and continues to be the corporations key asset: Eggs. 🥚

Since colouring millions of eggs already fills the day, the CEO of EasterEgg Delivery, Inc. decided long time ago to delegate the task of handling the eggs to the world's most reliable partner in this area. We got the Easter Bunny over to the SANOVO headquarter to talk about his business and partnership with us.

Easter Bunny about SANOVO

"The equipment is just on spot and the guys over there, I can tell you they know what they are talking about. Eggs are a science, and some of the SANOVO guys? Wow, they seem to have a doctorate degree in this. Definitely recommend working with them."

Easter Bunny, CEO EasterEgg Delivery, Inc.