New turnkey Egg Processing Factory Completed in just 8 Months

Investment in a completely new processing facility 

Production line supplied by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

In order to strengthen its position in the market for industrial egg products, EGGS PRODUCT GRUPA PRODUCENTÓW ROLNYCH SP. Z O.O decided to invest in building a completely new processing facility in 2015

After conducting thorough research into the equipment market, the company signed a contract with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP in April for the supply of the entire production line. However, the entire factory had to be up and running before mid December the same year.

Completing the building work and installing all the processing equipment within the space in just eight months demanded careful planning and tight collaboration between the construction companies and SANOVO TECHNOLGY GROUP project managers.

The new egg-processing plant has the capacity to process several millions eggs a day and supplies pasteurized and dried egg products of the highest quality.



We knew it would be a race against time and there was no room for delays or mistakes.The builders and SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP had to work closely together in order to keep to the challenging schedule. We have been very impressed by what the team at SANOVO TECHNOLGY GROUP managed to achieve in such a short time. They acted extremely professionally throughout the entire process.

Zbigniew Klesyk, Plant Director at EGG PRODUCT GRUPA

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