Grading Customer Starts Up Egg Powder Plant

Complete Processing Equipment Supplied by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP for Eivita's Powder Plant

The Experience of Andreas Hütter - Owner of Eivita

The Austrian company Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH, a long time customer of grading equipment from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, decided in 2012 to establish a sister company. Eivita, the sister company, is the first and only egg powder plant in Austria. By the spring of 2013, this complete plant, including breaking, pasteurisation and drying of whole eggs, yolks and egg whites, was put into operation. Eivita is the only company that can provide its customers with powder produced by Austrian eggs and with the AMA seal of approval.

The plant has a capacity of 120 million eggs per year, resulting in 1,500 tonnes of egg powder. More and more food processors prefer eggs in powder form, as it allows for longer shelf life, easier handling, minimum volume and less cleaning of equipment. The egg processing plant gives Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH the chance to process smaller, less sought after eggs, as well as the surplus of eggs in the summer season.

The complete processing equipment for the Eivita plant was supplied as a turnkey project by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. The list of equipment includes an OptiBreaker 12 breaking machine with automatic CIP of the complete breaking line, a SANOVO 5000 l/h Pasteurizer, fermentation of the liquid egg white prior to drying, plus two SANOVO Spray Dryers. All process and room heating is provided by biofuel - in this case, woodchips.

Why have you established an egg processing factory in a market with potentially strong competition?

There is a very strong differentiation between eggs from outside Austria and our own Austrian eggs, which come exclusively from a Bio Free range, both free-range and barn eggs.The goods are produced with respect to the very important certificates AMA-cachet, GMO-free and HG-Austrian. No eggs from caged hens are processed.

Why do you focus on more powder products compared to liquid products?

  • Longer shelf life
  • Hygienic handling of the finished product
  • Settlement of profit during a year
  • No seasonal discounted sale of the goods necessary
  • The optional egg powder product is a perfect supplement to the fresh egg market. 
Watch Video
View this video to get insight into Eivita's powder plant, supplied by SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.


SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the only supplier which can supply the entire factory from egg breaking & separation, pasteurisation to drying. There is only one contact person during installation, commissioning and follow-up service. For us, that was the decisive advantage. We have also had a good experience with SANOVO’s daughter company, STAALKAT, in Aalten, Holland.

Mr Andreas Hütter, Owner of Eivita