"We have 4 SANOVO Graders today in our farms and we are very happy with the solution."

The Faria Group is one of the largest egg producers in Brazil.

Faria Group works across many different business areas, with meat and egg production being a major pillar in the organization. There are 23 companies within the Faria Group corporate family. One of their main strategic goals is to optimize their egg production efficiency to be the largest producer of commercial eggs in Brazil. To meet that goal, the Faria Group collaborated with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY and invested in four high-efficiency, high-capacity SANOVO OptiGrader 707 egg graders.
Beginning of Cooperation  
SANOVO’s relationship with the Faria Group was first established, five years prior to the purchase of the four OptiGrader 707s, with the sale of a Hatchery Packer to Faria for their hatchery farm. At that time, Faria chose the SANOVO Hatchery Packer due to the "well known and renowned brand with a guarantee of the quality of the final product."
The owner of the Faria Group, Ricardo Faria, explains the impact of the purchase of the SANOVO Hatchery Packer and the start of the collaboration with SANOVO: “We used to have a bunch of point-up eggs and now we run with more than 99.5% of efficiency. So the machine (Hatchery Packer) is really good and especially very reliable.”
After the successful delivery of a fertilized egg handling solution to Faria Group, they decided to continue the strong collaboration with SANOVO and further improve their production setup within commercial egg handling.
New Egg Grading Machine
“We had this very bad issue of cracks in the eggs and low-quality eggs in some farms that we acquired a few years ago. We met with SANOVO and we found a good solution. SANOVO had just developed the new 707 cases an hour grader, which we installed into our farms” explains Mr. Faria about their solution to cracks and vulnerable eggs.   
“The outcome of the installation of SANOVO Graders was much less cracked eggs in the boxes and the trays. A better operational return in the company. So far, we have already installed 3 SANOVO graders. We started out with one, now we have 4 SANOVO Graders today in our farms and we are very happy with the solution.” 
Key elements that defined the process of the project, according to Ricardo Faria, were the technical expertise of SANOVO engineers, the team behind the installation and training of staff, and the initial operation along with subsequent adjustments. Ricardo Faria states that high-quality service is in high demand and this is where SANOVO truly makes a difference.