"We made the right decision"

Investment in the OptiGrader 600

Interview with Bill Glass, President and CEO

Several years ago, Ft. Recovery Equity, a western Ohio pullet growing and laying cooperative, encouraged its members to consider building a new in-line laying complex. The request was well received, and several members joined together and agreed to build a new two million hen in-line laying facility. The first laying hens were housed in December 2011, and the last house was completed in December 2012.

Why the OptiGrader 600?

The OptiGrader 600 met our criteria; it has similarities to graders that we had experience of, but with updated technology and the speed to keep daily processing and cleanup to one shift.

The first OptiGrader 600 was installed in Europe just a few years ago, and our machine was the third machine installed in the United States. As with any new machine/technology, there have been a few teething problems, but the SANOVO Service Team has been responsive to our needs. Running at 600 cases/hour, checks and dirties are both under 2.0%, respectively.

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