"Pasteurization at high standards"

Koppenhöfer Eiprodukte GmbH was able to increase the efficiency and save labor time with the SANOVO pasteurizer.  


Koppenhöfer Eiprodukte GmbH faced the well-known challenge of increasing the production capacity to produce larger quantities, but at the same time producing with high energy-efficiency and at high food safety standards. After the process of examining and evaluating the options on the market and finding a reliable partner that fulfills these requirements, the company decided to collaborate with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

How was the collaboration between Koppenhöfer Eiprodukte GmbH and SANOVO?

Max Koppenhöfer: „In the preparation phase, SANOVO provided fast and professional advice on the required space for the installation and utility requirements such as cooling and heating. SANOVO successfully supported us in commissioning the new Pasteurizer. Due to some challenges in the start-up phase, we needed assistance from SANOVO and received fast, reliable service via remote connection which fixed the problems. Overall, the after-sale service was really first class, fast and competent in all areas.”

What is the benefit of the Pasteurizer and having SANOVO as a partner?

Max Koppenhöfer: "The central advantage of the SANOVO pasteurizer lies in the threefold output and the automated production and cleaning phases. This increases efficiency and makes manual processes redundant, saving us labor time. In addition, I would highlight the already mentioned first-class service from SANOVO, especially through the remote assistance, also favored by the simple operation of the machine.”