Extended Shelf Life while Products Maintain their Functional Properties

Investment in the SANOVO WAVE System Results in Advancement of Products.Investment in the SANOVO WAVE System Results in Advancment of Products.

New Egg Processing Plant

In 1999, when Mr Masahiro Shirai (general manager) decided to take over his family business, the Marutori plant was turned into an egg processing plant instead and rebuilt with SANOVO equipment. Since then, the plant has continued to expand its liquid egg production with new equipment from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

Mr Masahiros latest investment is the SANOVO WAVE system. The WAVE system is a technology that exposes the liquid to electromagnetic waves producing an electric field. This inactivates ten times more bacteria compared to traditional pasteurisers, without influencing the functional properties.

I’ve always been determined to get new knowledge about egg processing, and I want to continue to develop Marutori into a big business and improve our results every year. This we can do together with SANOVO, because they continue to develop and expand their product range.

I’ve used SANOVO as a partner and followed their advice on how to produce a high quality product. I’ve invested in the WAVE technology, because there’s no similar technology available on the market which can inactivate bacteria and keep the functional properties in the egg product.

Mr Masahiro Shirai (present general manager)