Ongoing expansion in Singapore

Investment in the Ardenta 300 egg grader (108,000 eggs/hour) resulted in a reduction of labor costs of more than 60%.


N&N Agriculture is the leading farm in Singapore supplying both fresh shell eggs, hard boiled eggs and industrial egg products to their customers. Since 2011, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been cooperating closely with N&N Agriculture to upgrade and automate their production and in 2012 SANOVO TECHNOLGY GROUP closed the first deal with Mr. Ma Chin Chew. This included a Hard Boiled Egg line and a complete liquid plant (Breaking and Pasteurization).

New Egg Grading Machine

When N&N Agriculture in Singapore needed to upgrade their egg grading and packing facility, the focus was on reducing the manpower by at least 50%. Due to several types of shell egg products and different packaging this was a challenge that required the expertise of SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. After several discussions and exchanging ideas the contract was signed in spring 2015.

The Ardenta 300 egg grading and packing machine has now been running for one year to meet the customer’s needs. With a full detection, (Leaker, Dirt, Color, Crack and Blood) the Ardenta 300 managed to reduce the labor by 60%. In the same line SANOVO TEHCNOLOGY GROUP has specially developed a system to automatically wash the dirty eggs only. Hereby giving an additional value to the egg after washing it.

Another strong reason for investing in the grader from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the color grading, which is becoming increasingly important from the retail perspective to deliver uniform egg colors in the packing process. This unique feature is only available in the Ardenta egg grading and packing machine and has been specially developed for the South East Asian Market.


Our focus was to bring down the cost of labor by 50%, but with the investment in the Ardenta 300 we are now producing more with a 60% cut in labor (This is due to the advanced and very efficient detection for leakers, dirt, color, cracks and blood at the Ardenta 300).

We have chosen SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP to be our "one supplier" due to the their excellent service in our region.