Grading station flexibility is the key to South American success

New Grading Machine for Argentinean Egg Producer

Expanding Production

Situated 200 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina, OvoPrime is located in perfect proximity to the city’s fast-growing market for consumer eggs. Eduardo and Santiago wanted to expand their egg-production business to also supply fresh graded eggs to the region’s supermarkets, so they started searching the market for possible solutions.

Once they found the Ardenta 300, their decision was easy due to its simple but highly flexible design. The Ardenta 300 could be configured to match their specific needs and even allowed for custom-designed solutions to be implemented in their existing production facilities.

Since implementation, the Ardenta 300 has proven to be very reliable and easy to operate, allowing the managers to focus on running the rest of their business.

Now, less than a year after the installation, Mr. Ordóñez is already considering possible extensions to his Ardenta 300 grader in terms of extra lanes, further automated detection units and end-of-lane automation. In fact, he has already placed an order for the installation of tray stackers on all lines.

OvoPrime was the first egg producer in Argentina to invest in the Ardenta 300, but other customers were quick to follow suit. Since then, Argentinean producers, including Ovobrand, Granjasur, Granja la Taba and Ghilardi have also purchased the Ardenta 300 – and even more orders are in the pipeline.

About OvoPrime
Ovoprime is an Argentinean egg producer located 200 kilometers southwest of the Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

Today, the farm counts 450,000 hens and has ambitious plans for future growth.

Owner Eduardo Ordóñez has ambitious growing plans to extend his already 450,000 hen farm in the future and was looking for an egg grading and packing solution. Together with Santiago Zaffarano, they now operate a brand new Ardenta 300 in the City of Roque Pérez.

Great Cooperation

At all points in the process, the cooperation with SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been outstanding. The installation was carried out according to plan, and we received all the necessary training. On the few times when it was needed, it has always been easy to call SANOVO’s office in Argentina for assistance.

Mr Ordóñez, Owner (right in the picture)