Second OptiBreaker for a New Factory in the UK

Interview with Richard Crawford - Operations Manager at Manor Water House Farm

New OptiBreaker Plus 12 line in the UK
Ready Egg purchased a OptiBreaker Plus 12 line in October 2012 for its factory in Manor Water House Farm, Fermanagh, as a replacement for a Coenraadts breaker. They purchased a second OptiBreaker Plus 12 in December 2013 for their new factory in the UK.
Why did you purchase the first machine?
We chose the first machine after we had visited some egg processing plants that were using SANOVO machines. All the machines we saw were producing a good standard of separation, regardless of their age. Furthermore, the technology being used has been tried and tested for years. The 135,000 egg per hour capacity allowed us to reduce our labour bill and meet our growing production demands.
Why did you choose to purchase a second machine?
We have chosen to purchase another new breaker after the first machine had been running for a year with very few problems. Also, we have already invested in a selection of critical spare parts, which means it made financial sense to have two identical machines, as one set of spares will service both machines in the event of a breakdown.
What is your opinion of the CIP system?
The CIP system significantly reduces the amount of manual cleaning that the operator has to perform, but it does not eradicate manual cleaning totally. Having said that, we have consistently achieved excellent microbiological results post-cleaning, and I think that this could not be achieved without the CIP system.
Maintenance of the machine:
We have had the SANOVO for one year now. During that time we have run the machine 24 hours a day, five days a week, and so far we have had no major problems.