The SANOVO Service Institute in Denmark and The Netherlands are set up to support you and your organization with technical knowledge and know-how. 

It is our experience that a well-trained staff is more capable of performing essential and correct daily maintenance which minimizes downtime and ensures that the equipment operates smoothly. Our qualified and highly skilled instructors have many years of experience in training your operators and maintenance staff.

Basic Training:
This introductory program lays the groundwork for successful machine operation. You'll gain a thorough understanding of the machine's core functions and controls, enabling you to confidently perform routine tasks and navigate the user interface.

Service Training:
Going deeper, our service training program goes into the machine's internal workings. You'll explore the underlying principles of operation, including timing mechanisms and maintenance procedures. This program equips you to identify potential issues, perform basic troubleshooting, and ensure optimal machine performance.

All-Round Training:
Our all-round training program offers a combined learning experience. It combines the essential elements of both Basic and Service training, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of machine operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This program is ideal for individuals who aspire to become true machine experts, capable of handling a wide range of tasks and situations

Training module

Training modules Type of training Duration
Ardenta All-Round All-Round 3 days
OptiGrader All-Round All-Round 5 days
GraderPro 400/600 Basics 5 days
GraderPro 400/600 Service 5 days
GraderPro 75/220 Basics 5 days
GraderPro 75/220 Service 5 days
Detection Systems Service 5 days

Farmpackers & Hatchery Packers
Training module

Farmpackers & Hatchery Packers

Training modules Type of training Duration
Hatchery Packer (incl. Trolley Loader) All-Round 3 days
Farmpacker 40 All-Round 1 day
Farmpacker 100 All-Round 2 days
De-Palletizer Service 2 days
Palletizer Service 2 days

Breakers & Loaders
Training module
Breakers & Loaders

Training modules Operator, basic maintenance* Maintenance, service**
OptiBreaker series Two days Two days
Loader series Two days Two days
Combined - Breaker/Loader Three days Three days

* The attendee has to be familiar with the operation of the machine.

** The attendee is experienced in the maintenance and the operation of the machine. Basic maintenance training has been passed, and a technical background is an advantage.

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What do our customers think about SANOVO Training?

I participated in Management Training and I appreciate that SANOVO were able to design a course that was well matched to my needs and expectations. The course gave me a good foundation to build upon as we install and utilize our new SANOVO equipment. My operations and maintenance employees shared similar positive feedback regarding their training and the relevance of that training to their jobs. The instructors were excellent. They took care and pride in explaining the key details of how to operate and maintain their equipment.

Josh Harmala, Processing Director at Forsman Farms

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