As a total solution provider, our expertise goes beyond individual machines.

Our experts have many years of experience in configuring a setup that fits exactly your needs. We have gathered all our knowledge in below areas, and we would love to share this with you!

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Egg Processing

Choose the right egg breaker

State-of-the-art solutions, setting new standards for egg breaking machines
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Explore a full liquid processing plant

Providing the best processing equipment to the egg industry
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Know all about pasteurization

Technology with increased heat recovery for high-efficiency pasteurization
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How to use enzymes

Improve Your Egg Products With the Use of Enzymes!
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Egg Grading & Packing

Choose the right Farmpacker

Egg packing for everyone
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Looking for automation at your farm?

We supply automation equipment to all egg farmers
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Grading with high-quality standards

The SANOVO Graders are your solution!
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Egg Academy - Become an Eggspert! 

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In-depth spray drying course

We all know that powder as an ingredient is an extremely valuable and attractive product to sell. Long shelf life, high margins, and tons of different possibilities to produce new convenience products.

The equipment used for powder production plays a huge role in the quality of the powder. That's why our experts in liquid processing created this course for our customers, to clarify how spray drying works and how you as a processor can get the most out of it. 

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Optimize your egg processing

The equipment used for egg pasteurization significantly influences the final product, and that's why our team of experts in egg processing has developed a comprehensive guide for our valued customers.

Join us as we delve into the world of egg pasteurizers, understanding their functionality, and discovering how processors can optimize their operations.