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✓ Better emulsifying properties

✓ Desugaring of egg products

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Do You want to improve the emulsifying properties of egg yolk with Maxapal™ A2? Watch the video and learn how!

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Do not compromise flavor or food safety

Use a natural preservative

While ensuring extend shelf-life

Unlike other preservatives, Delvo®Nis presents no flavor which makes it more suitable than other preservatives for use in a broad range of products.

Moreover, Delvo®Nis contains no allergens, which makes it suitable to be used in all liquid egg products.

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A pure enzyme

Get the best out of your egg products

MAXAPAL® A2 is a non-GMO and non-animal derived enzyme so it can be used for halal as well as kosher products.

Applications where MAXAPAL® A2 treated egg products are used are increasing all the time. This is especially true in different types of emulsions and in bakery products.

This enzyme is an identical and simple substitute for the traditionally used porcine pancreas derived PLA2 enzymes to produce enzyme-modified egg products. MAXAPAL® A2 is a very pure enzyme, which means that it has very limited side activities, so you have no risk of amylase problems in your heat stable egg yolk product.

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For producing heat stable liquid egg yolk and heat stable yolk powder, with improved emulsifying properties. Improve liquid egg white foaming properties.


Prevent the growth of gram positive bacteria, like Listeria monocytogenes and spore forming Bacillus cereus, while extending the shelf life of liquid pasteurized egg products.


For a fast and complete removal of Hydrogen Peroxide after cold pasteurization. The C10 enzyme is catalase that can convert Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen for the de-sugaring process of egg products.


De-sugaring of egg products to prevent browning effect of the egg powders during spray drying and powder pasteurization. The desugaring also improves the protein solubility and baking properties of egg powders.


For pasteurization of egg white based protein drinks at 70° C or higher to achieve a longer shelf life of the product. MAXIPRO® NPU is also used to produce egg white powder with better solubility.


Benefits of Enzymatic Desugaring

The use of MAXAPAL® GO4 instead of other de-sugaring methods gives the product a more neutral flavor, and no yeast smell.

With MAXAPAL® GO4 there is a wider range of temperatures at which the desugaring process can take place.

It also works well at low temperatures with a lower risk for growth of bacterias during the process. 

FAQ - Enzymes

In below tabel you can see the difference between the 5 enzymes in our program:


Prevent the growth of food poisoning, spore-forming bacteria, like Listeria monocytogenes and Bacillus cereus, while extending the shelf life of liquid pasteurized egg products.
Moreover, the use of Delvo®Nis in egg applications can help food processors by allowing milder thermal treatments and by improving functional properties.

Unlike other preservatives, Delvo®Nis presents no flavor which makes it more suitable than other preservatives for use in a broad range of products. Moreover, Delvo®Nis contains no allergens, which makes it suitable to be used in all liquid egg products.

Ensure safety of final product
In liquid egg, Delvo®Nis will prevent the growth of spore-forming bacteria, which might have survived pasteurization. Refrigerated temperatures provide ideal growth conditions for these bacteria, which can shorten the shelf life of the product. Delvo®Nis can ensure the safety of various liquid egg products, including scrambled egg mix, omelets or pancake mix etc.

Extend shelf life
Delvo®Nis in egg applications can help food processors, allowing for milder thermal treatments, improving functional properties and maintaining appropriate shelf life.

Use a natural preservative 
Delvo®Nis is a natural antibacterial peptide. It was discovered more than 50 years ago and is widely used in a huge variety of food products around the world.


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MAXAPAL® A2 improves the emulsifying properties of liquid egg yolk and whole egg which is often called ”heat stable egg yolk” (or whole egg) in the egg processing industry. This can both be produced as liquid or powdered products.

In emulsions like mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces you can reduce the use of stabilizers, starch, hydrocolloids, and e-numbers, and you can optimize on the oil, yolk, and water content.
You can also produce emulsions that are heat stable, that can withstand temperatures above 100° C.

Furthermore MAXAPAL® A2 can improve foaming properties of liquid egg white that is contaminated with egg yolk.

Produce heat stable egg yolk
Heat stable egg yolk powder produced with MAXAPAL® A2 is often used directly in mayonnaise and dressings, but also as a base for compounds to produce mayonnaise and dressings, where they are one of the key ingredients.

Increase firmness and viscosity
The use of enzyme-modified egg yolk increases the firmness and viscosity of dressings and mayonnaise so that fewer or no synthetic emulsifiers or additives are needed. Increased firmness of mayonnaise and dressings provide better shelf life against oil coalescence and separation.
By using enzyme-modified egg yolk in dressings and mayonnaise, it is also possible to enhance the creaminess and mouth feel of the products.

Reduce use of stabilizers
Heat stable egg yolk (or whole egg) treated with MAXAPAL® A2 gives different benefits in the end products they are used in.
In emulsions, like mayonnaise, dressings and sauces you can reduce the use of stabilizers, starch, hydrocolloids and e-numbers. You can also optimize on the oil, yolk and water content.

Restore Foaming Properties
Egg white can be contaminated with egg yolk during different stages of handling and processing the eggs. If this happens it will have a negative effect on the foaming properties and the foam stability. By a treatment with MAXAPAL® A2 the foaming and foam stability can be fully restored.

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MAXAPAL® GO4 has been developed for the removal of sugar (glucose) from liquid egg white, whole egg, and egg yolk before spray drying. This is to avoid the browning effect (Maillard reaction) of the egg powders during spray drying and for egg white powder during powder pasteurization.

In addition, the de-sugaring of egg powders keeps the protein solubility high for a longer period during its shelf life. For whole egg powders, this means better baking properties.

MAXAPAL® GO4 is used in a combination with MAXAPAL® C10 and the addition of H2O2. MAXAPAL® GO4 is a non-animal derived enzyme, and therefore can be used for halal as well as kosher products.

Removal of glucose
MAXAPAL® GO4 has been developed for the removal of sugar (glucose) from liquid egg whites, whole eggs and egg yolks before spray draying. This reduces the risk of browning (Maillard reaction) during drying and powder pasteurization and improves the protein solubility during the products shelf life.

No yeast cells, taste or smell
By an enzymatic desugaring process, no yeast cells are introduced into the product. This means that there is no taste or smell of yeast, and the yeast doesn’t have to be removed by centrifugation after the desugaring process.

High Protein Solubility and Improved Baking Properties
Whole egg powder and yolk powder that has been de-sugared with MAXAPAL® GO4 has a higher protein solubility, also during storage where the protein solubility normally decreases. This has a positive effect on the baking properties of the egg powders.


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The MAXAPAL® C10 is a catalase that can convert hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen to be used in combination with MAXAPAL® GO4 for the de-sugaring process of egg products before spray drying to prevent the Maillard reaction (brown color in egg white powder during drying and pasteurization).

MAXAPAL® C10 is also used for “cold pasteurization” of liquid egg products in combination with the addition of hydrogen peroxide. MAXAPAL® C10 is a non-animal derived enzyme, and therefore can be used for halal as well as kosher products.

Desugaring keeps the protein solubility of egg powders high for a longer period during the shelf life. This improves the functional properties of egg powders.

Release of oxygen: MAXAPAL® C10 has been developed to provide a steady oxygen release for the de-sugaring process in combination with MAXAPAL® GO4. This is done by hydrolyzing H2O2 into H2O and O2 so there is oxygen available for MAXAPAL® GO4.

Cold pasteurization
Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for “cold pasteurization”, where you add hydrogen peroxide which makes the bacteria more sensitive to pasteurization. Afterwards you remove the hydrogen peroxide with MAXAPAL® C10.

Cold pasteurization is a process where you add H2O2 to the liquid egg product. This kills some bacteria and makes the rest more sensitive to heat treatment. Afterwards, you will have to ensure a complete removal of the hydrogen peroxide using MAXAPAL® C10.


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MAXIPRO®NPU has been developed for pasteurizing egg white-based protein drinks at 70° C. Through this process it is possible to achieve a longer shelf life of egg white drinks, and the product gets a nice milky appearance, which makes the drink look more appealing.

Through this process, it is also used for increase the solubility of the egg white powder. In the case of the MAXIPRO®NPU, you get the chance to pasteurize your product at higher temperatures, without compromising the nutritional values and/or the appearance of the product.

MAXIPRO®NPU is a non-animal derived enzyme, and therefore can be used for halal as well as kosher products. It is also a NON-GMO product.

High powder solubility
High solubility of egg white powder is normally only possible to achieve through agglomeration. However, by using a process including the enzyme MAXIPRO®NPU, it enables you to produce egg white powders that are even easier to dissolve. This is especially useful for drinks and products where you need a protein fortification with egg whites.

MAXIPRO®NPU is an endo-protease that hydrolyzes specific heat sensitive proteins in egg white, so it is possible to pasteurize egg white at much higher temperatures.


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