For producing heat stable liquid egg yolk and heat stable yolk powder, with improved emulsifying properties. Improve liquid egg white foaming properties.

MAXAPAL® A2 improves the emulsifying properties in liquid egg yolk and whole egg which is often called "heat stable egg yolk" (or whole egg) in the egg processing industry. Furthermore, it can improve foaming properties of egg white that is contaminated with egg yolk. Heat stable egg yolk (or whole egg) treated with MAXAPAL® A2 gives different benefits in the end products they are used in. In emulsions like mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces you can reduce the use of stabilizers, starch, hydrocolloids, and e-numbers. And you can optimize the oil, yolk, and water content.

The use of Heat stable egg products also makes emulsions heat stable, so there is no oil separation, better stability and they can be pasteurized.

MAXAPAL® A2 Treatment of egg white contaminated with egg yolk will restore the foaming properties of the egg white.


  • Produce heat stable egg yolk
  • Improved emulsifying properties
  • Increased viscosity in mayonnaise and dressings
  • Heat stable emulsions made with heat stable egg yolk
  • Optimize emulsion recipes
  • Improve foaming properties of egg white
  • Kosher and halal approved
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