For a fast and complete removal of Hydrogen Peroxide after cold pasteurization. The C10 enzyme is catalase that can convert Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen for the de-sugaring process of egg products.

MAXAPAL® C10 enzyme is a catalase that can convert Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen. This is used in combination with MAXAPAL® GO4 for the process of desugaring egg products before spray drying to prevent the Maillard reaction (brown color in egg white powder during drying and pasteurization). In addition, desugaring keeps the protein solubility of egg powders high for a longer period during the shelf life.

Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used for “cold pasteurization”, where you add hydrogen peroxide which makes the bacteria more sensitive to pasteurization. Afterwards you remove the hydrogen peroxide with MAXAPAL® C10.


  • Release of oxygen for desugaring process
  • “Cold” pasteurization process
  • Fast removal of hydrogen peroxide
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