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Egg packing made easy | The Farmpackers are your solution for the most gentle "point down" packing.

At SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP we have been working closely with egg producers for many years and have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face in your daily work. We know that your business depends on the daily performance, uptime and reliability of the equipment.

High Yield

60 years of egg processing experience has paved the way for high yield and quality equivalence in liquid egg productions.


The performance of the SANOVO egg packers for sale stay at the highest level as the egg packing machines are made to run every day with no downtime. This is made possible as many of the egg packer parts are made in stainless steel and the machines are designed for easy cleaning.


The Farmpackers are designed with detachable rollers. The rollers are spring loaded easily detachable snap-on/snap-off rollers for easy cleaning of the egg packing equipment. 

Low maintenance

The Farmpackers are designed with your farm environment in mind. Simple, robust, reliable
and flexible. Maximum uptime – 100% correct egg packing – easy to maintain.

Egg packing is the process of moving or “packing” individual eggs into an egg tray. This is done automatically with egg packing machines. Different kinds of egg packer machines are available for sale on the market, both for regular egg farms and for consumable eggs.

Egg packing machines automatically pack eggs into egg trays. Two kinds of egg packer systems exist:

  1. Hatchery packers for packing eggs being used in hatcheries.
  2. Farmpackers for packing eggs coming from an egg farm producing consumable eggs.

Both Hatchery packers and Farmpackers come with different configurations and capacities. Have a closer look at our egg packing equipment at link.

In order to provide a price of an egg packer we need to know your requirements, not only for capacity. Among others, your available space and packing requirements will influence the best configuration for you, and therefore the final price.

Please get in touch with a local representative via this link and state your request. Then we will be able to determine which egg packing machine/equipment would be most suitable for you and which of our specialists are the right match to help you.



SANOVO Farmpackers are built tough with a soft spot for eggs!
Providing you with reliability and ease of mind, without worrying about maintenance and uptime. The SANOVO Farmpackers just keep working. Our egg packing machines only handle chicken eggs. However, our equipment handles all kinds of chicken eggs regardless of color, size etc.

The Farmpackers - Gently Pack consumer eggs in the most effective and efficient way into 30-eggs trays. Packing your eggs, straight line, point down! Real simple, real smart.

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It depends on the specific machine in question. Our Farmpackers can handle 14,400 eggs/hour to 72,000 eggs/hour.

Take a further look at our egg packing machines

Unpack, plugin, pack eggs. 
The SANOVO Farmpackers, what you see is what you get. Successful design is more than just shapes and great lines - It’s also about sensing that the equipment is exactly right. This is experienced with the SANOVO Farmpackers.

A dynamic, robust designed machine for egg packing, with the smallest footprint, made to pack eggs in the most natural way – straight line, point down!

With the blunt edge up. Why? The blunt end of an egg has an air pocket between the inner and outer shell membranes. The air pocket gradually enlarges as the egg loses moisture during storage. Keeping the air pocket at the top helps to keep the yolk centered within the egg and prevents the air pocket from rupturing, which reduces the risk of the egg spoiling.  

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Choosing a Farmpacker

Farmpacker 40

Up to 14,400 eggs/hour

Up to 40 cases/hour

The most durable and space-efficient egg packing solution on the market. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.

Farmpacker 70

Up to 25,200 eggs/hour

Up to 70 cases/hour

This egg packing machine provides more flexibility through detachable accumulator and easier cleaning. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers at an affordable price.

Farmpacker 100

Up to 36,000 eggs/hour

Up to 100 cases/hour

Advanced egg packer with multi-functional touch screen and speed adjustment on demand. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.

Farmpacker 200

Up to 72,000 eggs/hour

Up to 200 cases/hour

Advanced and functional sorting egg packer with the highest packing capacity through split-belt. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.

Traystacker SX20

Up to 25,000 eggs/hour

Up to 70 cases/hour

Developed to enhance farms with small/medium-sized packing operations. It can also be installed as a retrofit to your existing packing machine - Farmpacker 40, 70, or 24000

Traystacker SX40

Up to 1,200 trays/hour

Up to 36,000 eggs/hour

The SANOVO Traystacker SX40 is a product developed to enhance farms with packing operations. The standard stack height is 6 trays. Stacks of one, two, or four trays high are possible as an option.


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