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Watch how automated egg stack palletizing works with the SANOVO Stack Palletizer

FAQ - Automation equipment ☝️

Automation has many advantages, like reducing your manual labor on the packaging side of your farm, or establishing a more hygienic environment due to less human contact. But an important indicator to find out if you would benefit from automation equipment is of course your production capacity.

An egg packing machine connected directly to your barn pays off already at 15,000 - 20,000 eggs a day. And even though our Stack Palletizer can handle a way higher capacity, an investment in automation generally ensures a safer, less risky, and more consistent workflow, which pays off for really any production capacity.

Get in touch with us to learn about the different options with a packing machine or Stack Palletizer.

No, our Stack Palletizer works with any packing machine available on the market. Of course we recommend the SANOVO Farmpacker, as we engineered it for gentle egg handling in many details and believe that farm owners would get the most value for money with it.

The price of an egg breaker depends on the configuration of the machine, how many eggs you expect to break per day, and what end product you would like to end up with. Contact us to learn more.

Our Farmpackers all have one thing in common: the gentle egg packing principle. But which one to choose now, the 40, 70, 100, or 200? First off, check how many layer hens you have. Multiply by 0.9 and you approximately know how many eggs you need to pack per day. Then divide this by the number of operating hours per day, and you get your potential packing capacity requirement per hour. This provides a starting point to which Farmpacker model may fit to your needs. But which impact do conveyor belts have on that? Contact us to learn more.

Our Stack Palletizer comes in different variations, ranging from up to 40,000 – 80,000 eggs/hour (equivalent to 110 – 220 cases/hour). In addition to that, customers can choose models with up to 3 loading positions and either manual or automatic placement. As you see, the final price is highly dependent on the configuration we design specifically for your plant. Get in touch with us to get details about pricing.

We usually got you covered with our worry-free warranty program. By default you have one year of warranty. If you register here, you get an additional year on top! And when you really have a problem, our technical support team is ready to help you. Learn more about our Customer Care programs.


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Explore products

Stack Palletizer

40,000 - 80,000 eggs/hour

110 - 220 cases/hour

Fully automated tray stack palletizing machine, which can be integrated into your Farmpacker with Traystacker. Different capacity models are available depending on your packer. 

Traystacker SX40

Up to 1,200 trays/hour

Up to 36,000 eggs/hour

The SANOVO Traystacker SX40 is a product developed to enhance farms with packing operations. The standard stack height is 6 trays. Stacks of one, two, or four trays high are possible as an option.

Traystacker SX20

Up to 25,000 eggs/hour

Up to 70 cases/hour

Developed to enhance farms with small/medium-sized packing operations. It can also be installed as a retrofit to your existing packing machine - Farmpacker 40, 70, or 24000

Farmpacker 40

Up to 14,400 eggs/hour

Up to 40 cases/hour

The most durable and space-efficient egg packing solution on the market. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.

Farmpacker 70

Up to 25,200 eggs/hour

Up to 70 cases/hour

This egg packing machine provides more flexibility through detachable accumulator and easier cleaning. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers at an affordable price.

Farmpacker 100

Up to 36,000 eggs/hour

Up to 100 cases/hour

Advanced egg packer with multi-functional touch screen and speed adjustment on demand. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.

Farmpacker 200

Up to 72,000 eggs/hour

Up to 200 cases/hour

Advanced and functional sorting egg packer with the highest packing capacity through split-belt. Gentle, simple, durable egg handling with SANOVO Farmpackers.


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