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Stack Palletizer

Stack Palletizer

Fully automated tray stack palletizing machine, which can be integrated into your Farmpacker with Traystacker. Different capacity models are available depending on your packer. 

The SANOVO Stack Palletizer is a fully automated tray stack palletizing machine with a capacity of 40,000 - 80,000 eggs/hour. Designed for automatic egg handling of table eggs but also fertilized eggs. Operator-friendly set up and very efficient production process to avoid manual labor.

The palletizer picks up 4 stacks of 6 trays from the supply conveyor and loads them onto the pallet on 5 or 6 layers (depending on requirements).

  • Handles plastic trays, plastic dividers, and plastic pallets as EggsCargoSystem®, but also pulp trays
  • Suites various farm configurations from 3.9 up to 7.7 meters wide
  • Easy to clean by manual dry-cleaning or using pressured air to remove the bigger dust particles
  • Internet access for remote assistance



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