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There is nothing better | A SANOVO Pasteurizer is your solution for world-class liquid egg processing

With production and assembly in our European factories, we are the world leader within pasteurization and egg processing for decades. Today, we are trusted to deliver the best service and the highest machine quality globally.


High Quality

60 years of egg processing experience has paved the way for high yield and quality. All machines are skid mounted and tested before delivery. 

Our specialists are ready to support you any time with layouts, new formulars and technical support.



Our pasteurizers reduce manpower and ensures a highly hygienic production for your liquid eggs.


Long Production time

Our liquid egg pasteurization machines have a simplistic design, allowing for producers to operate for many hours on end with high efficiency.

Testing Facilities

4 months shelf-life

While keeping the proteins intact!

Our comprehensive portfolio of egg processing solutions will help you to enhance the shelf-life and the quality of your final products.

Don’t take our word for it! Send us your liquid egg product and we will test its performance in our liquid egg processing test facility.


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Test your product at our WAVE Technology Test Center in Denmark. You can book our entire test center and test your product on our SANOVO WAVE Technology before investing in the machine.

Our pilot plant is available for you during R&D and product development. Besides testing your product on a pilot unit, you will have experts at your side all the way. We have more than 25 years’ experience in building pasteurizers and sterilizers, and we take pride in sharing know-how with you. We take it personally that your trial is successful.

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Energy prices are increasing and it is time to act for liquid egg producers.
New patent-pending technology with increased heat recovery for high-efficiency egg pasteurization.

SANOVO now provides an energy-efficiency upgrade kit. Our large egg processing customers are already using the new technology - what about you?

FAQ - Pasteurization ☝️

There are many details to keep in consideration when designing an egg pasteurizer. We design the pasteurizers improving the efficiency for a low-cost production and with a particular attention to the quality and safety of the products.

We optimize the design of the pasteurizers based on the specification of the product the customer would like to have. In our standard configuration you can find a solution for any requirements.

As standard we have the following configurations:

  • ESL pasteurizers designed for plain products
  • High Viscosity pasteurizers designed for all egg products
  • VESL pasteurizers designed for Very Extended shelf life and are suitable for all egg products.

There are countries where the minimum pasteurization temperature and times are well defined and required by law. Other countries (like Europe for instance) there is not a precise guideline of pasteurization temperature and times but the limit on bacteria level is defined (usually CFU < 100.000).

Always respecting the local regulation there is a general rule to follow: “Pasteurize at the higher temperature and longer holding time without compromising the physical and chemical properties of the product”.

Typical Pasteurization Cycles:

  • Whole Egg: from 62°C to 67°C for minimum 210 seconds
  • Egg Yolk: from 62°C t0 65°C for minimum 420 seconds
  • Egg White: from 56°C to 58°C for minimum 210 seconds

The liquid content of shell eggs are a high-value raw material which, when handled carefully and processed optimally, will form the basis of a profitable business. Take for instance mayonnaise producers they need to break a lot of eggs each day to gain access to the valuable liquids. Here the industrial egg breaking comes in handy in order to break the large quantity of eggs automatically.

We have gathered all our experience and knowledge within egg processing in a handbook with the aim to serve as a guide for you as an egg processor. This guidebook will explain all the steps within egg processing.

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When working in the food business, food safety is a key word to all egg processors. You need to be assured that the machines you use in your production are in compliance with all regulations.

It therefore starts with choosing a supplier that fulfills common legislations and standards for health and safety. That is exactly what you get when you buy a pasteurizer from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP. All our machines fulfill legislation and regulations including ATEX, CE, USDA and Food Contact Material, and we follow the European EHEDG standard when developing our machines.

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Our pasteurizers are designed following the more restrictive sanitary rules and are completely automatic. A PLC continuously monitor all the parameters of the pasteurization ensuring the correct pasteurization temperature and holding time. The heat regeneration system is realized with a safety system that avoid any cross contamination between pasteurized product and raw product. In case of errors in the pasteurization temperature and holding time a Flow Diversion Device (FDD) recirculate the product for a further pasteurization.

All the process parameters are recorded and can be retrieved at any time to document and certify the correct pasteurization.

Optional to a pasteurization plant you can always upgrade the system to have higher performances. By for instance increasing the efficiency, introducing an homogenizer or reducing the pressure drops.

It is more difficult to upgrade the pasteurizer to a higher flow rate, as this will need an intensive modification (expansion of heat exchanger, enlarge the holding pipes, change the homogenizer and pumps).

With the new patent pending solution for high energy efficiency you can change your pasteurizer with one at double capacity with same consumptions of steam and ice water.

Small Scale Processing

Start with a small-scale egg processing plant if you have limited requests. SANOVO PrimeLine is the perfect solution for entering the market and it can grow with you and your plans.

Choosing the right Pasteurizer

Eggs are a valuable product that require state-of-the-art equipment to be able to develop the end product desired with the highest quality. The SANOVO Pasteurizer represents highly specialized equipment within liquid egg processing, incorporating all the latest and most advanced technologies.

The SANOVO Pasteurizer comes in four different models ranging from 500-15,000 liters/hour (higher capacities are available on demand). Depending on what capacity and features you are looking for, we have a machine that fits your needs!


Starting at 500 - 1,000 liters/hour

Different Capacities Available

Entry-level, small and medium-scale processing plant designed around you. A strong standard configuration with highly flexible investment choices to fit exactly your requirements.

Pasteurizer for salted and sugared products

Starting at 1,000 - 15,000 liters/hour

Different Capacities

Most pasteurizers available are designed to handle different types of liquid food. SANOVO pasteurizers are developed specifically for liquid egg products. This configuration handles high viscosity products.

Pasteurizer for extended shelf life products

Starting at 1,000 - 15,000 liters/hour

Different Capacities

Most pasteurizers available are designed to handle different types of liquid food. SANOVO pasteurizers are developed specifically for liquid egg products. This configuration handles products for extended shelf life.

WAVE Technology System

1,000 - 10,000 liters/hour

Different Capacities

Extended Shelf Life for liquid egg products. Achieving 10x times higher bacteria killing rate without product denaturation. Can be added to all Pasteurizer configuration.


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