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Pasteurizer for salted and sugared products

Pasteurizer for salted and sugared products

Most pasteurizers available are designed to handle different types of liquid food. SANOVO pasteurizers are developed specifically for liquid egg products. This configuration handles high viscosity products.

The SANOVO Pasteurizers are highly configurable according to your specifications. Choose your capacity between 1,000 - 15,000 liters/hour and your final product. This configuration is optimized for high viscosity products that are salted or sugared.

Liquid egg has different functional properties compared to other liquid food products and requires special handling. Temperature and holding time of the liquid egg during pasteurization are two of the main points to consider to obtain a high level of food safety and to preserve product functionalities. Our Pasteurizers are developed for high quality liquid egg products.

  • Long production time and high efficiency
  • High killing rate
  • 100% built-in CIP (cleaning-in-place), hygienic design, no cross-contamination risk
  • Skid-mounted with a small footprint and Plug & Go concept to reduce commissioning time
  • SCADA system for remote control, reducing manpower
  • PLC for automatic function control
  • Maximum energy efficiency through indirect heat regeneration circuit
  • Easy maintenance and inspection
  • Reversal cleaning for best cleaning efficiency
  • Remote service of the machine

Maximum food safety is ensured by exclusively using food contact material approved parts (FCM). That means, for this configuration all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI316.


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