Automatic cleaning in place and disinfection technology for the food industry. Designed to save money in time spent cleaning, cleaning solutions, energy, water, wastewater. Great fit for plants of all sizes.

The SANOMAXI CIP is a complete cleaning plant suitable for the automatic cleaning of pipes, tanks, and other utilities within food processing, where a maximum flow rate of 30.000 l/h is required using a double chemical solution based on Caustic and Acid. The system is skid-mounted providing maximum layout flexibility.

Based on best-practice hygienic design principles, the system is set to clean with a minimum speed of 1,5m/s. That ensures a turbulent flow and good mechanical impact of the CIP in the pipes. SANOXMAXI is suitable for cleaning of pipes up to three inches in diameter and therefore fits the most common pipes used in liquid food processing. Other than SANOMIDI and SANOMINI, SANOMAXI can clean 2 lines at a time to additionally reduce the time spent for cleaning. With SANOVO CIP systems you have full control over your cleaning operations.

  • Minimize the cleaning time reducing labor involved in the cleaning
  • Completely controlled by PLC for high efficiency and safe CIP cycle control
  • Reducing the cleaning time with the possibility to clean 2 utilities in the same time
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment of right concentration and temperature of Acid and Lye
  • CIP Recipes available and editable via a user-friendly HMI
  • Re-use of detergents reducing operational costs
  • Mix-proof solution ensures maximum cross-contamination control between water and solutions
  • Ensure the correct concentration of the detergents used and flow rate of the cleaning
  • Completely skid mounted and tested before delivery
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