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OptiLoader Plus 18C

OptiLoader Plus 18C

Efficient egg loading machine with full CIP for off-line egg grading operations. Rotary design and intelligent destacking of egg trays before loading on conveyor belt. Suitable for OptiGrader 600 and GraderPro 600.

Optimized for egg graders like the OptiGrader 600 and the GraderPro 600, this egg loader configuration can handle up to 201,600 eggs/hour (560 cases/hour). The loading machine lifts the eggs out of the trays by a special rotary design and places the eggs on a roller conveyor connected to the egg grading machine. The empty trays are stacked and trays with stuck eggs are conveyed out separately. The loader is driven by independent drives at a speed synchronized with the egg grading machine.

The OptiLoaders are developed for handling a wide variety of eggs and tray types (paper as well as plastic trays) to provide maximum flexibility on production site, with durability as key principle to keep maintenance requirements and therefore downtime low.

  • Safe and gentle loading of the eggs
  • Stop gates ensuring correct positioning of stacks
  • Accurate alignment of stack prior to destacking
  • Two-step blow-back system for accurate release of eggs and cleaning of suction cups
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning and prepared for CIP cleaning
  • Loader heads with individual operated supports on all four sides of the single tray for optimal transfer of weak trays


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