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Pallet Washer 150

Pallet Washer 100

Automatic, plastic pallet washing solution designed for pallets and dividers. Great addition to utility washing set ups in egg production environments. Highest capacity in this series.

The Pallet Washer 150 can handle up to 150 pallets or dividers an hour (depending on the degree of pollution). It is designed for continuous destacking, washing, rinse/sanitizing, drying, and stacking of pallets or dividers.

The difference to the Pallet Washer 100 is the Inlet section. Stacks of pallets and dividers are horizontally placed by a forklift in the inlet buffer position. Here they are automatically moved to the destacking station feeding the wash tunnel with individual pallets or dividers. That way your operators do not have to destack pallet stacks themselve and let the equipment handle that part.

Every production environment is different, therefore the Pallet Washer models are modular. The sections consisting of infeed, washer with destacker/stacker, and delivery section can be built together in a straight line, or with 90° bends between the sections, making 'L'- shaped, 'U'- shaped and 'Z'-shaped layouts possible.

  • Pallet size: 1.200 x 900 x 180 mm (L x W x H)
  • Divider size: 1.180 x 880 x 50 mm (L x W x H)


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