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Automatic Filter - SAF 8000

Automatic Filter - SAF 8000

Breaking and separating eggs requires subsequent filtering of the raw liquid egg. SAF ensures intelligent filtering with patented self-cleaning functionality.

The Automatic Filter SAF 8000 can filter up to 8.000 liters of liquid egg per hour. Small impurities of the raw product are filtered out, while the unique design ensures no product loss and production without interruption. Via a timer-controlled pneumatic pushout functionality the filter waste gets disposed fully automatically. The integrated 4.3" color touchscreen provides full operator control of the filter operation.

The self-cleaning technique is patented and the filter comes with 100% CIP cleanable (cleaning-in-place). Naturally, all parts in contact with the raw product are food contact material approved (FCM) for maximum food safety.

  • Non-stop operation with automatic pushout of waste product (timer controlled)
  • CIP-cleanable and easy to dismantle
  • 100% FCM-approved parts
  • Minimum product loss and maximum hygiene
  • Two types of filter insert: Perforated or a Wedge wire screen
  • SCADA integration possible


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