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Cargo Palletizer

Cargo Palletizer

After a long day of production, there might be a number of un-cleaned pallets/interlayers from other parts of the plant. A Cargo Palletizer, combined with a De-Palletizer, can solve this task in a moment.

The SANOVO Cargo Palletizer has a capacity of up to 216,000 eggs/hour and it is the optimal solution to combine with our inline pallet/interlayer washing setup and can also be working as an off-line washer. This means that you take your stack of clean pallets and interlayers and place them into the de-palletizing buffer zones, start the “washer mode” and the pallets will be taken apart, washed, and re-stacked in the Cargo Palletizer. It couldn’t be easier.

In this setup, the Cargo Palletizer works together with the De-Palletizer, pallet washers, and tray washers. This way, you will insert a pallet of eggs at one end of the production, and at the other end of the production the cleaned trays and interlayer/pallets are stacked are your demands. Clean cargo, ready to be shipped back to the farm.


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