Most Modern Software Technology Available

Amering Salzkammergut Eiprodukte Recives New Machinery.

In the beginning of 2016, the Ardenta 300 egg grader was installed at Amering Salzkammergut Eiprodukte

The machine is equipped with a De-Palletizer Robot, Multi-Loader, State of the art detection systems (Leaker/Dirt/Blood/Crack) and as special features washable Optipacker packing lanes and Egg-it-Trace system combined with RFID scanning.

EGG-IT Trace System

To keep track of the input and output it is important to separate every incoming batch of eggs. This should be done flawlessly and without any loss of machine efficacy and without any hassle. SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has developed such a system with the RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification). A simple plastic egg with an ID at the beginning at the batch and the grader will take care of the statistics and more important without any loss of capacity.

Amering has been working for over 30 years with a ECM450 which ran each day around the clock and finally it was time to replace the existing machine. Amering has built a complete new grading station with a total floor space of 2.500 m2 where they grade and pack 60 million eggs per year. 

Easy to operate, easy to clean, food security, plus the most modern software package available on today’s market were the main reasons to buy another machine from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Roman Amering