The Family Business Enriching the Turkish Egg Industry

About Güres Group

When Mr. Ahmet Remzi purchased 600 hens in the hen farm established in Saruhanlı in 1963, he did not imagine that Güres Group would have become Türkiye's largest and most comprehensive egg producer. The company has kept developing quickly from the beginning until now, and expanding to different sectors, without compromising its values.

As a result of a production facility that uses state-of-the-art equipment, Güres Group is today producing 60 tons of pasteurized eggs per day, together with table eggs, feed, quail eggs, poultry meat, and organic fertilizers.

From the Establishment to the Last Investments

Since its establishment, the company quickly started operating in the fields of agriculture, fruit growing, and cattle dairy farming as well. In 1997, breeding and hatchery facilities were established, making the company increasingly active in the Turkish poultry sector.

The steady growth had never removed the focus from the company’s mission of offering healthy and reliable products to the people of Türkiye. Güres Group kept (and keeps) operating, bringing reliability, taste, and customer interests to the forefront in every part of the operations, from production to marketing, instead of prioritizing profit. In 2008, the company moved to a new factory based on more modern production, established in Saruhanlı, Manisa, with increasing chicken cage demands.

Expansion in size and capacity often comes with the diversification of the business, and Güres Group knows this very well. Therefore, in 2012 they embarked on a new adventure: a Pasteurized Liquid Egg Production Facility and in 2022 they invested in a fully automatic powder production plant. After the investment in this new plant, which uses the latest technology SANOVO has to offer, Güres Group keeps its promise to provide a complete service to their customers, covering any type of need regarding eggs. The collaboration was successful and smooth regardless of the COVID-19 difficulties, thanks to a team effort on both sides.


A Company that Cares About Humans and Nature

Güres Group, which gives immense importance to carrying out its activities focusing on people and the environment, implements the Güres Group Environmental Management System with the idea of leaving a livable and clean environment to future generations. Thanks to the system, periodically reviewed and renewed under changing conditions, it always works to increase its environmental performance.

Güres Group is the largest fully integrated egg production facility in the country, gathered under one roof, from Egg Production Facilities to Feed Factories, from Viol Factory to Hatchery, Pullet and Breeder Production Facilities, from Fertilizer Production Facility to Cage and Equipment Production Factory. Güres Group produces 1,500,000,000 eggs annually in an accessible area of 700,000 square meters, in a closed area of 250,000 square meters, and serves the entire Turkish and foreign markets with poultry meat and egg products.

About the collaboration

“We know that SANOVO focuses on producing the best equipment for the egg industry with their established expertise, knowledge of the industry, and know-how. Even though we encountered some limitations during the project because of the pandemic, everybody went the extra mile to understand each other and work hard to accomplish our goals. I am thankful for that.”

Mustafa Güres, Board member Güres Group