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OptiBreaker Basic 6

OptiBreaker Basic 6

The industry-leading egg breaking and separation technology for small-scale, high-quality liquid egg productions. NEW: LinkPro for realtime monitoring of machine performance - anytime, anywhere.

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Basic series is the right choice for small- and medium-sized liquid egg productions to break and separate eggs with yield and quality equivalent to the largest and most efficient production facilities in the world. And it is a multi-talent: you can choose to operate without separation to produce 100% whole egg for more flexibility. The Basic 6 model is the largest of the Basic series, breaking and separating up to 48.600 eggs/hour (135 cases/hour).

The Basic 6 consists of a 6-row egg-breaking compartment with 90 cracking units. Curve-controlled breakers bars ensure optimal breaking and separation for the most gentle handling of the valuable egg yolk. The industry-leading SANOVO egg yolk scanning system based on computer vision inspects your egg white to produce high-quality products - optionally available to you. Other than the Basic 2, the Basic 5 can be equipped with the intelligent automatic cup washing and air purging system. Both egg yolk scanning cup washing plus air purging can be provided in the OptiManagement system.

The 10.4" color touch screen for operators let you access production data and alarms. NEW: SANOVO LinkPro for realtime monitoring of machine performance - anytime, anywhere. Now available with OptiBreaker Basic 5. Product outlets are installed at the bottom of the machine storing the valuable liquid egg, while empty eggshells are ejected via the built-in sanitary screw conveyor. The machine speed is controlled by the efficient frequency inverter. All vital parts including cracking units are easy-to-access via large doors to facilitate maintenance and minimize downtime. For the most hygienic production, we recommend the optional CIP (cleaning-in-place) system.

The OptiBreaker Basic provides you access to doing business with liquid egg in the most efficient way with technology designed and constructed by the industry leader for egg grading and breaking.


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