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Bucket Filler SPS 24000W

Bucket Filler SPS 24000W

Equipment for counting or weighing and dosing liquid into buckets prior to closing.

The SANOVO Bucket Filler SPS 24000W is designed for automatic counting or weighing of de-shelled eggs, as well as dosing of a liquid solution into buckets prior to being closed.

With a maximum capacity of up to 25.000 eggs/hour, with minimum batches of 30 eggs/bucket (2kg/bucket for weight batches), the system is optimized to work with the SANOVO Hard-Boiled Egg Systems SEPS 8400 and SEPS 20000.

  • Automatic counting
  • Liquid dosing unit
  • Carousel for five or six buckets
  • Compact design
  • Design for different bucket sizes

All parts in contact with the product are food contact material approved for maximum food safety.


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