SEPS 20000

High-quality, industrial egg boiling, cooling and peeling machine with efficient yolk centering for maximum yield. Designed for both white and brown eggs. High capacity model.

The SANOVO boiling, cooling, peeling machine, SEPS 20000, handles up to 20,000 eggs/hour (55 cases/hour). With this system, you can fully automatically boil, cool, and peel eggs in bulk according to your own specifications. Even though brown eggs are more difficult to handle than white eggs due to different properties, the SEPS 20000 can handle both.

Starting at the insulated stainless steel boiling section, the efficient yolk centering system ensures boiler and peeler yield rates up to 98%. It provides you with high-yield-low-cost per peeled egg to get the most out of your business. On top of that, the efficient plate heat exchanger provides a low energy consumption per egg to further increase product value. The frequency-controlled internal transport conveyor moves the eggs into the stainless steel chilling tank. The chilling tank, consisting of an egg drum with water agitation, a stainless steel conveyor, and a heat exchanger accompanied by a pump for ice water, treats the eggs for being in perfect peeling condition. The peeling section consists of an additional infeed conveyor, the patented peeling system, and a final conveyor belt for discharge and final control of the peeled eggs.

  • Efficient Yolk Centering System: High-yield-low-cost per peeled egg with boiler/peeler yield rate up to 98%
  • Low energy consumption per egg
  • High sanitary CIP standard
  • High cooling capacity
  • Operates with brown and white eggs
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