Pallet Washer

Automatic pallet washing solution designed for pallets and dividers. A great addition to utility washing setups in egg production environments. 

Every production environment is different, which is why the pallet washer solution is modular and can be configured to fit the actual production, in terms of space, capacity, and specific requirements.

The pallet washer goes from manually loading/unloading to fully automatic, combined with our palletizing and de-palletizing robots.

The pallets and dividers are placed either vertically or horizontally and automatically conveyed through the machine to be rinsed, washed, and dried. Depending on your requirements, the washer can be heated by means of electricity, steam, or hot water.

The hygienic design and washing efficiency ensure high hygiene and food safety.

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We recommend using EggsCargoSystem® by GI-OVO. Send us a sample of your trays to test and adjust the machine prior to investing.

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