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Tray Washer - In-line STW-12/18

Tray Washer - In-line STW-12/18

Automated tray loading, washing, and conveying unit available in two or three-line tray infeed for destacking. This tray washer model is optimized for in-line operation with the OptiLoader Plus 12 and 18. Efficient, compact and labour-saving design.

The STW-12/18 Tray Washer is optimized for cleaning and drying up to 7,200 trays/hour. This specific configuration is for in-line operation to work in synch with the loader models OptiLoader Plus 12 and 18.

Due to the integration with the OptiLoader, egg trays are washed just after they are being emptied without prior stacking. An automatic stuck-egg conveyor ensures that no stuck egg is sent to the washing section. Overall, the integration saves an entire work process and only one operator is required to control the operation.

During the washing, up to 264 powerful high-pressure spray nozzles are cleaning your trays at around 5 bar. After that, they are automatically transferred into the spin-dryer, which safely returns the dry stacks back to you ready to be used again.

  • STW-12: Up to 5,000 trays/hour
  • STW-18: Up to 7,200 trays/hour
  • Risk reduction through an automatic stuck-egg conveyor
  • Efficient washing by high-pressure power nozzles
  • Energy cost savings through re-use of water through collection tanks
  • Low spray nozzle maintenance through an in-line filter
  • Fully automated cleaning and drying of trays

*We recommend using EggsCargoSystem® by GI-OVO. Send us a sample of your trays to test and adjust the machine prior to investing.


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