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De-Palletizer 220

De-Palletizer 220

Cost-efficient, simple, durable de-palletizing system. Designed with durable high-quality components, perfectly matching plants with grading/breaking operation of up to 220 cases/hour.

The De-Palletizer 220 supplies any loading system onto a grader or breaker with a capacity of up to 220 cases/hour (90,000 eggs/hour). This cartesian system comes in different models, so it fits to your individual production environment.

Egg producers will benefit from a system that is built with many durable standard components, which simply makes the solution cost-efficient and easy to maintain. It comes with flexible configuration options, so it fits different requirements and plant layouts. And on top of that, it has extremely simple controls and can be learned quite easily. Efficient, space-saving, simple.

Save your employees for the important tasks in your operation and start automating de-palletizing operations with the De-Palletizer 220 from SANOVO.

* We recommend using EggsCargoSystem® by  . Feel free to send us a sample of your trays to test and adjust the machine prior to investing.

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