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OptiBreaker Plus 12

OptiBreaker Plus 12

Developed for market leaders. The most advanced industrial egg breaker machine, with the highest production yield, best-in-class separation technique, highly hygienic system. There is nothing better.

The SANOVO OptiBreaker Plus series is the most advanced industrial egg breaker machine, developed for liquid egg processing market leaders. It is the result of close to 70 years of egg processing experience and collaboration with leading producers all over the world. The Plus 12 model processes up to 144.000 eggs/hour (400 cases/hour).                                                       

The 12-row egg-breaking compartment with 216 optimized cracker units serves 432 receiving and separation cups of the liquid egg at an optimal, long draining time. Cam-controlled breaker bars ensure the best separation results. The standard OptiManagement system comes with automatic fault tracing, and detailed service surveillance including service update alarms, and utilizes the computer-vision-based egg yolk scanning system as well as the intelligent automatic cup washing and air purging system. The 10.4" color touch screen for operators lets you access production data, alarms, and machine adjustments. NEW: SANOVO LinkPro for real-time monitoring of machine performance - anytime, anywhere. Now available for the OptiBreaker Plus Series. Product outlets are installed at the bottom of the machine storing the valuable liquid egg, while empty eggshells are ejected via the built-in sanitary screw conveyor. The machine speed is controlled by the efficient frequency inverter.                                             

Naturally, the Plus provides a standard integrated CIP (cleaning-in-place) system, reducing manpower for machine cleaning. Easy maintenance for minimum downtime is key, so we added a number of key features; easy snap on/off system for receiving and separation cups, easily changeable cracker units, optional cam installation below the cups for manual inspections, and the standard large door dimensions for general easy accessibility.                                                                                                     

There is nothing better. The OptiBreaker Plus Series is your solution for world-class egg processing operations.

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