Extended Shelf Life and High Quality Egg Products

Whole New Facility with Liquid Egg Processing Plant

The Experience of David Allwright - Managing Director of Eikenhof

After investing R 20 million (approx. 1.8 million USD) in a new facility, Eikenhof, based in Durbanville, Cape Town, is now the largest free-range liquid egg producer and supplier in South Africa.The farm is supplying 28 tonnes of free-range liquid egg per week to the Woolworths supply base. After installation of the SANOVO Wave machine, which allows for a much longer shelf life, Eikenhof will be able to supply free-range liquid egg throughout southern Africa. The installation of the SANOVO StreamLine 2, OptiBreaker 6 and Wave is the first of its kind installed in South Africa.
In 2010, Eikenof decided to install its first industrial liquid egg processing plant to produce high quality extended shelf life products for the southern African market. David Allwright had several requirements for this new plant:
  1. Compact with a very small footprint and the lowest possible running costs in terms of water consumption, chemicals, electricity, steam and iced water.
  2. Tested before delivery and easy to use, based on a 'Plug and Play' concept for fast and simple installation.
  3. High yield.
  4. Good separation of egg white and egg yolk.
  5. Gentle pasteurization A high temperature to kill thermo-resistant bacteria, while maintaining the functional properties of the pasteurized product similar to the raw product A plant with flexible pasteurization options.

We chose the SANOVO PrimeLine because it fulfilled all of the above-mentioned characteristics in a complete skid-mounted plant,' says David Allwright. 'The benefits of this installation are numerous; the final liquid egg products are of the highest standard in the industry.

David Allwright, Managing Director of Eikenhof Poultry Farms and The Free-Range Chicken Farm