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OptiLoader Plus 12

OptiLoader Plus 12

Efficient egg loading machine with full CIP for off-line egg breaking operations. Rotary design and intelligent destacking of egg trays before loading on conveyor belt. Suitable for OptiBreaker Compact 6 and 12, and Plus 6 and 12.

Optimized for the OptiBreakers Compact 6 and 12, and Plus 6 and 12, this egg loader configuration can handle up to 151,200 eggs/hour (420 cases/hour). The loading machine lifts the eggs out of the trays by a special rotary design and places the eggs on a roller conveyor connected to the egg-breaking machine. The empty trays are stacked and trays with stuck eggs are conveyed out separately. The loader is driven by independent drives at a speed synchronized with the egg-breaking machine.

The OptiLoaders are developed for handling a wide variety of eggs and tray types (paper as well as plastic trays) to provide maximum flexibility on the production site, with durability as a key principle to keep maintenance requirements and therefore downtime low.

  • Safe and gentle loading of the eggs
  • Stop gates ensure the correct positioning of stacks
  • Accurate alignment of the stack prior to destacking
  • Two-step blow-back system for the accurate release of eggs and cleaning of suction cups
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning and prepared for CIP cleaning
  • Loader heads with individual operated supports on all four sides of the single tray for optimal transfer of weak trays


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