Labour Costs Reduced by 50%

Interview with Mr. Lemmers, owner of Global Food Group

Could you tell us about your business?
At our production site in Weert, in The Netherlands, we produce (break) about 1.1 million eggs per day. We produce a variety of products - whole eggs, egg yolks and egg whites, pasteurised or unpasteurised. Pasteurised with or without additives such as salt or sugar.
We deliver our products to the food industry, e.g. bakeries, producers of pasta products, liqueur producers and to subsequent processing plants (powder production).

Why did you choose a SANOVO OptiBreaker?
Due to the superior cleaning options offered by the CIP system, the sanitary design and because it is a fully automatic machine with very easy operation. This machine is very well designed, and, in our opinion, SANOVO is a highly experienced company. They are experts in egg breaking.

What are the advantages of your new SANOVO OptiBreaker?
The main and most important advantage is the reduced labour costs – a 50% reduction in personnel! In addition, there is less downtime and improved cleaning.

What kinds of product quality improvements have you experienced?
We have better cleaning options causing less microbiological bacteria growth. Improved quality of egg white as well, i.e. less contamination with egg yolk.

What are your experiences with your maintenance costs after installation?
Difficult to say, but definitely less downtime and fewer problems during production. It is difficult for me to say anything about these costs.

What is the advantage of the OptiManagement System?
You can see immediately if there is a problem. For example, the amount of whole egg. And we can take action quicker, e.g. change parts and clean the camera.

What is your impression of the plastic cups in the SANOVO OptiBreaker?
They work very well with the vision system and are highly cleanable.

The strengths of SANOVO are:

  • Their experience in egg breaking
  • Their processing knowledge
  • Their technical support
  • Their participation during start-up and installation of the SANOVO OptiBreaker
  • Clean egg white and less whole egg
  • The machine requires less space.

Mr Lemmers, Owner of Global Food Group

Global Food Group