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SEC 360 - Centrifuge

SEC 360 - Eggshell Centrifuge

Eggshell processing during the egg breaking operation. Equipment for maximizing liquid egg ROI by recovering otherwise lost liquid from the eggshells.

The design of the egg breaking and separating machine is maximizing the amount of liquid gained from the egg. However, some liquid will always stick to the shell itself. That is where SANOVO Eggshell Centrifuges come into play. SEC 60 recovers liquid egg from eggshells at a speed of 130,000 shells/hour (360 cases/hour).

  • Efficient separation of eggshells and liquid egg through centrifugal force
  • Reducing the overall volume of the eggshells as a waste product
  • Recovering remaining egg white from the eggshells after breaking
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