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Tray Washer - Combi In-line/Off-line STW6-1

Tray Washer - Combi In-line/Off-line STW6-1

Automated tray loading, washing, and conveying unit, available in a two-line solution with a combined in-line/off-line tray infeed. This tray washing machine is optimized for flexible operation. Efficient, compact, and labor-saving design.

The STW6-1 Egg Tray Washer combines high output with top-class washing performance, at a low cost. Food safety and hygiene have been in focus in terms of washing, drying, and sanitation. The STW6-1 has a washing and drying capacity of up to 6,000 trays/hour.

The STW6-1 is a combination of the well-known STW-2 and STW-12, with the benefits of both machines. The Inline / Offline combination, makes it a very flexible solution, as it handles both single trays from the loader and destacking of tray stacks with the safe and efficient destacking system.   

Dirty trays are coming in single-line from the loader and/or are inserted in stacks into the adjustable* destacker and forwarded through the washing process. Up to 176 powerful high-pressure spray nozzles are waiting to clean your trays at around 5 bar, before they are automatically spin-dried and delivered back to you ready to be used again.

  • High-Speed spinner working at 840 rpm equipped with safety switch and stability sensor
  • Efficient washing by high-pressure power nozzles
  • Energy cost savings through re-use of water through collection tanks
  • Low spray nozzle maintenance due to an in-line filter
  • Fully automated cleaning and drying of trays

*We recommend using EggsCargoSystem® by GI-OVO. Send us a sample of your trays to test and adjust the machine prior to investing.


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