OptiGrader 707

Setting higher standards in food safety, egg quality, cleanability, sanitation, and performance with the OptiGrader series for advanced egg grading. The 707 has the highest grading capacity in the industry.

The OptiGrader 707 handles 254,500 eggs/hour (707 cases/hour) and has the highest capacity in the market. The throughput per person and percentage of grade A eggs packed with a reliable uncomplicated design have contributed to the success and respect of this grader.

The details in the OptiGrader series design make a clear difference in machine efficiency and operating costs and become visible after challenging seven-day-weeks, in-line or double shift operation.

Configurable to fit into the same footprint as the older 300 to 400 cases/hour (108,000 to 144,000 eggs/hour) machines. It can be installed with used machinery or a different choice packers, offering you flexibility in your investment.


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