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VisionAI Detector

VisionAI Detector

A contactless, low-maintenance, highly accurate crack detection module based on vision technology for grading centers, so you can improve your food safety and gain full control over your egg crack detection rates. 

This module represents the most innovative crack detection technology available on the market, fitted for all OptiGraders and GraderPros with 6, 12, or 18 infeed rows. The intelligent algorithm behind our visual detection system utilizes several layers to achieve high detection accuracy and reliability.

Most crack detection systems available today rely on an acoustic measurement of egg cracks. The technology is solid, but requires physical contact with the egg and subsequent cleaning, ongoing maintenance costs, and has some weaknesses in detection accuracy.

With the Vision AI Crack Detector, you get rid of these compromises. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better quality control with more accurate detection rates
  • Less risk for cross-contamination due to visual detection
  • Lower maintenance cost for your plant
  • Higher production ROI due to less egg breaks
  • Longer production cycles due to less cleaning time
  • Less cleaning costs

On top of that, the interface allows you for optimal rehabilitation settings, so you get the most out of your egg business.



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