Model L-14

Driverless forklift vehicle for automating egg handling logistics. Short delivery time and ROI period. This model handles EUR-pallets short-sided.

Whether you want to automate transport processes from storage to de-palletizing or from case packing to case palletizing: the AGV will do the job for you.

With flexible and easy route setting, the AGV transports egg pallets from A to B. By automating this operation, you can assign more value-adding tasks inside your egg handling operation.


  • 60% savings on simple pallet transport
  • Flexible and easy route changes
  • Increased efficiency by working 24/7-365
  • Reduced damage to goods and equipment due to collisions
  • Easy and safe installation and operation - Plug n'Produce
  • Short payback period and no labor costs
  • Easy installation and commissioning in just 2-3 days



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