Sophisticated Egg Grading Facility at Star Egg in Canada

At Star Egg, Ovotrack and SANOVO collaborated to implement an end-to-end egg tracking and process automation solution in combination with the Optigrader 600

Together with Ovotrack we help egg packing stations to live up to the increasing food safety regulations
With their traceability and inventory management solutions you gain digital control over your eggs, while saving costs. On the sideline many processes get automated, increasing your overall efficiency. From controlling where your eggs came from, what quality they have, to where they are going. All stored and saved in your own IT systems that you are already using today.

With Star Egg, Ovotrack and SANOVO implemented a state-of-the-art grading solution that enables the packing station to run a more safe food production and adding value to the entire supply chain - from farm to consumer.

Sophisticated Egg Grading Facility from Star Egg in Canada

In the Saskatchewan province, western Canada, people buy eggs that are graded, packed, and distributed by food provider Star Egg.  A stunning 1.2 million eggs are moving through their state-of-the-art grading facility every day!

One of the most pressing industry concerns is food safety, urging global suppliers to come up with ways to ensure safe food provision. One effective solution to ease those concerns is the food providers ability to trace eggs along their journey to the consumer – and the industry specialists in this area are the people at Ovotrack.

At Star Egg, Ovotrack and SANOVO collaborated to implement an end-to-end egg tracing and process automation solution in combination with the OptiGrader 600. From farm label printing, over egg tracing in the grading process through RFID technology, to tracking final packing and shipping – all synched to the facilities own ERP system for easy implementation. Ovotrack is a modular solution; Star Egg had the choice and selected the modules they needed.

For packing centers, egg quality systems often require full traceability. The USDA and the General Food Law (EU-regulation 178/2002) are urging them to focus on traceability systems and procedures to ensure food safety compliance. With Star Egg’s new solution in place they are not only compliant to those as well as the local AACF regulations, but can provide their own customers with additional value through more safety in emergency situations.