In the egg processing industry, maximizing yield and efficiency is paramount. With the rising demand for egg white powder across various sectors, innovative methods to enhance production are more critical than ever. This article explores a promising approach that leverages the power of enzymes to increase the yield of egg white powder production.

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Desugaring, a crucial step in egg white powder production, traditionally uses yeast, causing yield loss in comparison.

Maxapal ® GO4 and C10 convert glucose into gluconic acid, enhancing yield and production efficiency.

Trials showed that using Maxapal ® GO4 instead of yeast for desugaring can increase yield by up to 4%.

SANOVO helps customers in implementation, offering support for on-site tests and free trials of samples in own lab.

The Process of Egg White Powder Production

Producing egg white powder involves several steps, including breaking, separating, filtration with RO or UF, desugaring, drying and pasteurization. Desugaring, where glucose is removed from the egg white, is a crucial step as glucose can cause browning during spray drying and dry pasteurization, affecting the final product's quality.

Traditionally, yeast is used for desugaring, converting glucose into alcohol and CO2, which evaporates during further processing. However, this method results in a loss of yield as the final egg white powder would have a glucose content of around 4-5% if the glucose wasn't removed.

The Power of Enzymes: Maxapal ® GO4 and C10

An innovative solution involves the use of two enzymes, Glucose oxidase (Maxapal ® GO4) and Catalase (Maxapal ® C10). These enzymes work in synergy to convert glucose into gluconic acid, a harmless acid that remains in the final powder and doesn't interfere with the egg white powder's quality.

Maxapal ® GO4 contains Glucose Oxidase, which initiates the conversion of glucose into gluconic acid. Maxapal ® C10, on the other hand, converts hydrogen peroxide back into oxygen, supplying the necessary reactants until all glucose has been converted. This enzymatic method not only ensures a higher yield but also contributes to a more hygienic and efficient production process.

Enzymes in Action: Trial Results

In a controlled laboratory setup, we conducted trials to compare the yield from the two methods for removing glucose from egg white. The trials were conducted in corporation with our partner DSM Food Specialties, focusing on the difference in yield between the two methods. The dry matter content was measured after the desugaring process.

The results were compelling. By using Maxapal ® GO4 for the desugaring step, instead of using yeast, a higher dry matter content in the liquid egg white was obtained. When this is then dried into egg white powder, the yield can be up to 4% higher. This is a significant increase, especially in a market with high egg white powder prices and a shortage of egg white powder.

Here are the results from our trials:

1st Series


% Dry matter liquid





Extra yield: 3.45%


2nd Series


% Dry matter liquid





Extra yield: 4.14%

Adapting to Different Egg Products

While this enzymatic process is developed primarily for the liquid egg white fraction, it may need slight adaptation for whole egg or yolk fractions. Therefore, it's essential to conduct adequate trials prior to any industrial use to determine the optimal conditions.

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De-sugaring of egg products to prevent browning effect of the egg powders during spray drying and powder pasteurization. The desugaring also improves the protein solubility and baking properties of egg powders.


For a fast and complete removal of Hydrogen Peroxide after cold pasteurization. The C10 enzyme is catalase that can convert Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen for the de-sugaring process of egg products.


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