High quality egg production with integrated supply chain

Located close to Buenos Aires in Brandsen, Argentina, the Ovobrand S.A. corporation supplies egg products in both domestic and international markets. Founded in 2008, the company has already undergone massive growth with their sustainable, integrated egg production setup and continues to do so.

It is impressive how Ovobrand consolidated different processes of their supply chain to gain maximum control over their production. Spread over 3,250 acres of land, the company controls processes from feed production to chicken rearing, egg layer farming, egg grading for shell egg distribution, and finally egg processing to produce highly valuable liquid egg and powder products. Everything is controlled under one roof.

Innovative liquid egg and powder products

Ovobrand’s core product portfolio ranges from different variations of egg powder and liquid egg, such as high-quality whole egg, standard egg yolk, heat-stable egg yolk, standard egg white powder, desugared egg white powder, high gel egg white powder, and high whip egg white powder. All of those products are high-value ingredients for large food producers all around the world. On top of that, the company has its own formulation blends and also receives orders for special, custom-made blends tailored to customer needs.

Federico Caputo, Operations Manager at Ovobrand: “For us, it is extremely important to produce egg products with an added value that are free of metabolites of veterinary products. We have high-quality requirements for the final product, that’s why we were looking for equipment that has high standards in regards to liquid egg treatment which reaches international standards.”

Compliant technology to be ready for export

Export plays a big role in the company. To be a reliable supplier to businesses in international markets like the EU, Ovobrand therefore decided to set up a plant that complies with international regulations for food production with high biosecurity standards.

“Apart from EU regulation-compliant liquid egg treatment equipment, we looked out for efficient technology for the powder production and found it with the Spray Dryer from SANOVO. Product-wise the dryer allows us to have a product with very high solubility, good texture, and optimal color. The dryer is energy-efficient due to the good insulation, easy to clean with the CIP system, and we are happy with the product we can produce with it”, says Federico.

High-quality egg powder at low energy consumption

The SANOVO Spray Dryer is a horizontal box spray dryer for high-quality egg powder production at the lowest possible energy consumption. It is designed under the ATEX-directive 2014/34/EU which is important to ensure a safe production environment, has food-contact-material (FCM) approved parts, and is the only box dryer manufactured in Europe.

Federico Caputo, about the collaboration with SANOVO: “We are absolutely satisfied with having SANOVO as our partner for our egg processing plant. They have supported us from the beginning and even after 12 years we still get the help and advice we need.”

If you want to learn more about Ovobrand and the companies’ products, check out their website http://www.ovobrand.com

About the partnership

"We are absolutely satisfied with our investment and SANOVO as a partner, so we can only recommend them in any way possible. They have been at our side from the initial start over 12 years ago until today."

Federico Caputo, Operation Manager Ovobrand S.A.