Egg Breaking

Why invest in a SANOVO OptiBreaker?

Eggs are a valuable investment and require state-of-the-art equipment to break and drain every single egg with minimum product loss. The SANOVO OptiLine represents highly specialised equipment within loading, washing, breaking, draining and separation, incorporating all the latest and most advanced technologies. The SANOVO OptiBreaker is a part of SANOVO OptiLine and comes in three different groups and capacities, all with the most advanced breaking and separation technology available.

Why breaking and separating eggs?

Breaking and separation turns your eggs into a valuable business. The pure liquid form allows further treatment, pasteurising or spray drying to extend the product's shelf life and reduce storage space. Clean albumen and dry yolk are becoming basic ingredients for supplying specialised and sophisticated products of the highest quality to the food industry.


72,000 eggs/hour
200 cases/hour
90,000 eggs/hour
250 cases/hour
144,000 eggs/hour
400 cases/hour
216,000 eggs/hour
600 cases/hour
21,600 eggs/hour
60 cases/hour
39,600 eggs/hour
110 cases/hour
48,600 eggs/hour
135 cases/hour
21,600 eggs/hour
60 cases/hour
66,600 eggs/hour
185 cases/hour
90,000 eggs/hour
250 cases/hour
135,000 eggs/hour
375 cases/hour
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